You're one decision away
from a totally different life.



Luke Rees is a 23-year-old inspirational young person who turned his life around from a disengaged school student to an influential young leader. Despite growing up with depression and anxiety, therefore, leaving school with only four GSCE’. Luke used the power of helping others to change his life and used his setbacks as a platform for his comeback and has recently graduated from University with a First Class Honours Degree.


Luke has gone on to become an award-winning International Motivational Speaker as his contagious energy and passion inspires an audience and encourages people to make the most out of their lives. The powerful stories of his own experiences and those around him ignite behavioural change. Luke has spoken at various events all over the UK and Europe and has worked with some of the largest businesses and organisations. 


Over the last five years, Luke has helped thousands of people reach their potential. Although Luke has achieved so much in his life, he hasn’t always been successful and positive. 

Whilst in year eight in school Luke suffered from anxiety and depression which left him with a lack of confidence and a negative outlook on life. Luke found social interactions challenging and often didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house. He knew something had to change otherwise he didn’t know what it could lead to.


The first step Luke took to changing his life was by changing himself. He knew he was one decision away from a totally different life. He started by sharing his mental health struggles with his family. Besides talking about how he was really feeling, he discovered a passion for helping others. 


He chose to volunteer as it allowed him to take his mind off everything going on in the outside world and gave him the opportunity to help others. He wasn’t to know until a year later that by helping others he was actually helping himself and was cleared of all health issues.


Luke realised that nothing in life comes easy and there is no elevator to success and he had to take to the stairs. He knew he had to be prepared to work hard, but the hardest step Luke had to make was the first. Change starts with you and he was determined to become a better person for it.


Three years on Luke decided that he wanted to share his story from a disengaged school student to an influential young leader. Luke is a huge believer that changes starts with YOU because everyone thinks of changing the world but nobody thinks of changing themselves. 


Luke began sharing his story at his local story in front of a small audience of young people. Each time Luke shared his story he became more confident as he realised that by him sharing his story it was enabling others to dare to dream to unlock their own potential. 


Luke has gone on to become an award-winning International Motivational Speaker, UK Young Leader and Ambassador for Mental Health. He has spoken across the UK and Europe to a diverse range of schools, conferences and corporate events inspiring thousands of people to make the unachievable achievable.


Luke knows in his life he has made mistakes but he regrets nothing, even if his past was full of hurt, Luke still looks back and smiles because it made him who he is today. However, the only time you should look back is to see how far you've come. 


Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. So do something today that your future self will thank you for and book Luke to speak at your next event.


He's trying to change his life for the better, just like you.

The truth is...



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