Inspiring a generation of people to believe in themselves to unlock their own potential. 

Welcome to the Believe in yourself podcast, hosted by Multi Award Winning International Motivational Speaker, UK Young Leader and Charity Ambassador Luke Rees. Luke has helped thousands of people all over the world to believe in themselves to unlock their



Whilst in School Luke suffered from anxiety and depression which left him with a lack of confidence and a negative outlook on life.

He knew something had to change otherwise he didn’t know what it could lead to.


The first step he took to his life was by changing different life. himself. He knew he was one decision away from a totally changing

The decision he decided to make was that he was going tobelieve in himself.


In this podcast, he shares his incredibly inspirational journey including the setbacks he had teaching you how to overcome any

challenge in life making the unachievable, achievable.


EP 1

On the first episode of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, host Luke Rees shares his personal story based on how we were able to overcome all his setbacks and failures in life to be able to turn his life around. Lukes emotionally detailed and inspiring story demonstrates that although nobody can go back and make a brand new start anyone can start now and make a brand new ending. This episode is a must listen to if you've had ever suffered from mental health problems, a lack of self-belief or even if you've ever limited yourself.  READ MORE


EP 2

For the second episode of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, Luke is joined by the first guest on the show. Luke is joined by his very first mentor and previous sports development officer Mark Howell. Whilst Luke was in school Mark was the first people that believed in Luke and saw his undiscovered potential.   READ MORE

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