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Have you recently quit? Heres why!

As new the year is here you've probably tried to make all kind of changes in yourself. Some of which may have worked out great. But for many it may of resulted in you quitting.

One of the main reasons why people quit is because you're still having negative thoughts. Or still procrastinating. Or your self-doubt is creeping in the back door.

Just like you. I have tried to change lots of things in my life and have unsuccessful in doing so. For some reason I always used to fall short. No matter how many times I tried I never seemed to get any better and used to quit.

But here’s what I have learned about change, and please hear this as you read it:

Change is a process. Not an event. You will move ten steps forward and two steps back. You may fall into a hole. Or get lost. Or sit down in the middle of it all and cross your arms and refuse to move.

Whatever happens, the point is that starting and stopping the positive changes in your life is 100% n-o-r-m-a-l. You wouldn’t shift your car into drive and keep moving in the same direction for the rest of your trip, would you? No, you’d have to turn and detour and reverse and stop to fuel up every now and then.

It’s the same with real life. And it doesn’t mean you’re a loser. It doesn’t mean you don’t have willpower. You are not broken. So please stop telling yourself that you are.

The next time you start feeling this way, here’s what I want you to do:

1. Start small.

Don’t hit the snooze button tomorrow. Go 24 hours without complaining. Plug your phone outside of your bedroom when you go to bed tonight. Once you start nailing the little things again, you’re gonna feel more motivated to keep going.

2. Scale it down.

I’m gonna bet that right now you’re focusing on everything you’re NOT doing. And you’re looking so darn high up to where you used to be, or to where you want to be, that you’re thinking “Holy cow! How do I even start?”

I’m telling you right now that thinking like that will paralyse you so cut it out. Shrink your think. Take a deep breath and refer back to.

3. Keep your friends close and your enemies blocked.

Mindset can be fickle so you need friends in your life who keep you inspired.

That doesn’t mean they have to shoot rainbows from Cupid arrows and their social media feeds glow with positivity. It means you hang with friends who aren’t afraid to be authentic but who share the values you aspire to live.

Bottom line: you’re not gonna feel like doing what you have to do all the time. That’s the truth and it makes you human. Don’t beat yourself up for leaning into the lazy space now and then. Just don’t claim that space as your new identity.

You have places to go and goals to crush.

I hope this helps and feel free to share this one someone who needs to read this!

Have a great week.


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