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Luke Nominated for FAB Award

Luke has been nominated for the Federation of Awarded Bodies Learner of the Year Awards which takes place on the 18th October in Leicester.

This award recognises the outstanding achievement of an individual learner. The learner must have achieved a professional/technical qualification from a FAB full member organisation within the last two years. The learner must have demonstrated an enthusiasm for learning and have developed a high level of understanding and skill in their industry.

Speaking about his nomination Luke said:

"I am honored to be nominated by the Federation of Awarded Bodies as the Learner of the year with so many other incredible and deserving nominees for this categories. I'm extremely thankful for Sports Leaders UK for everything they have done to support me in my leadership journey."

To find out more about the award you visit the Federation of Awarded Bodies here -

If you wish to find out more about Sports Leaders UK then you can here.


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