Luke believes that teachers today are the real heroes and often they are overworked which may cause teachers to unintentionally fall short.


As educators working with venerable young people it can often take it out of us and we can forget to take care of ourselves. If we cannot take care of ourselves then how can you expect your staff to take care of your young people.


Sometimes we chose to forget why we choose to work in education in the first place. During this time we are at our most venerable.


Lukes multi award winning motivational talk is perfect to inspire your staff to believe in themselves to unlock their own potential.


His talk is extremely engaging and comes from the heart as Luke shares the battles and his darkest days as a young person. But demonstrates how he was able to use his setbacks in life as a platform for his comeback.


Although Luke knows he can't go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending.


This motivational talk will leave your staff entertained and begging for more.


Luke’s wellbeing talk focuses on the importance of looking after yourself. He uses a wide variety of different stories to bring to life the reality of the high quality of wellbeing inside the education system.


It only takes one teacher or even one conversation to completely change a young persons life forever. So as educators we need to make sure we are our best version of ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. Because, if we are not at the top of our game it’s the young people who will suffer.


Curriculum stuff is cool. It’s what schools do best. Inspiration is different. It’s what Luke does best!


His workshops for school staff are noted below. They can be tailored to meet particular needs so the best place to start is to talk to us. If Luke is clear what you want to achieve, then he's sure he can create something that will inspire your staff to make the unachievable, achievable.

- Leadership         - Resilience         - Mindset         - Mental Health         - Engagement 


"Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your talk at Gower College this morning during which I wanted to laugh, cry, hug you and high five you simultaneously!!"



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