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Inspiring a generation of people to believe in themselves to unlock their potential. 

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Welcome to the Believe in Yourself podcast, hosted by

Multi Award Winning International Motivational

Speaker Luke Rees. Luke has inspired  people all

over the world to believe in themselves to

unlock their potential.


In this podcast, Luke is sitting down with leaders to

discover their journeys and the lessons they have

learnt to make unachievable, achievable.


Welcome to the Believe in Yourself podcast.





Welcome to the Believe In Yourself Podcast. This is project that I have been working on for some time now and I am so excited to share with you the amazing and inspiring conversations that you need to hear. The aim of this podcast is simple, inspire you to believe in yourself to discover your, true potential

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EP 1

On the first episode of the Believe In Yourself Podcast. Luke is joined by his very first mentor and previous sports development officer Mark Howell. Whilst Luke was in school Mark was the first people that believed in Luke and saw his undiscovered potential. 

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EP 2

On the second episode of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, Luke is joined by Mike Armiger who is a specialist in the field of trauma and mental health. He works across education, mental health and sport in various roles. Mike talks about is personal experiences of foster care and how his experiences as a young person enabled him to be where he is today



EP 3

On the third episode of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, Luke is joined by England International and Paralympian Martin Sinclair. He has received 54 caps for his country playing for England Cerebral Palsy Football team. He also represented Team GB at the London 2012 Paralympics alongside



EP 4

On the fourth episode of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, Luke is joined by leading international and award winning speaker, author and mental health campaigner, Hope Virgo. In this episode Hope talks about her experiences of growing up with anorexia and shares her journey of recovery including her relapse. 



EP 5

On episode five of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, I am joined by bestselling author and one of the UKs leading motivational speaker Adrian Webster. We talk about his keys messages when it comes to leadership and leading people and how he has been able to get ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. 



EP 6

On episode six of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, I am joined by one the 25 most influential names in Fashion and Founder of RESET MSM Joy Yaffe. We talk about Joy's transition between careers and the lessons that she learnt how to become an incredible leader in every industry that she has worked in. 



EP 7

On episode seven of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, I am joined by former professional rugby league player now turned entrepreneur, motivational speaker and founder of Award Winning Andy’s Man club, Luke Ambler. We talk about how Luke deals with the pressure of running a huge movement, the importance of talking about your own struggles and mental health in rugby. 



EP 8

On episode eight of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, I am joined by HILTA Primary School Teacher from the Rhondda, South Wales and host of BH Podcasts, Brad Hughes. Brad shares his personal stories and experiences of his life growing up and the challenges that he faced because he didn’t believe in himself. Talking openly about how he grew up without a dream and how he used to let the thoughts and opinions of others rule his life. 



EP 9

On episode nine of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, I am joined by former pro NFL Line-backer now turned Best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, American Ninja Warrior and incredible Global “shift” coach, Anthony Trucks. This week we hear all about Anthony’s incredible story how he started his life bouncing around the foster care systems to playing in the NFL. 



EP 10

On episode ten of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, I am joined a passionate mental health advocate, a TED speaker, and a published author of Breaking Into My Life, Michelle Dickinson. This week Michelle bravely tells her story how after years of playing the role of child caregiver, Michelle embarked on her own healing journey of self-discovery. 



EP 11

On episode eleven of the Believe In Yourself Podcast, I am joined by the UK’s number one motivational business speaker, founder of 4Networking. bestselling author, Brad Burton. Brad shares the memories that he had when turned his life around and started his first business when he found themselves in 2005, with £25,000 in personal debt,.delivering pizzas to keep his start-up marketing business afloat. 



EP 12

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