University was a time in Lukes life where he forgave the past and focused on the future and the potential he had.


At University everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time. Life can throw up some stressful events, and these can lead to us feeling stressed, worried, and like it’s all too much to handle.


Luke shares his personal story and relatable experiences to allow students to find success in the choices they make. Filled with motivation, self help strategies and hints and tips, Luke is the perfect speaker to help your students unlock their own potential.


Welcome talks are the perfect way to inspire your freshers to believe in themselves to unlock their own potential.


As your new students start their university journey many of them will be feeling excited but nervous at what lays ahead of them. These same feelings Luke had when he started University back in 2015.


Lukes welcome talk turn nerves into motivational and excitement into action as they set themselves up for success with this new opportunity they have in front of them.


Mental health and wellbeing are the biggest threats that affect young people at university. The pressures of uni life can take their toll, so students need to know how to take care of themselves – and who to turn to for extra help


Lukes wellbeing talk is perfect for university students as he breaks the stigma that surrounds the subject by sharing his battle with mental health problems but more importantly focuses on what steps he took to turn his life around when initially his life was filled with despair.


Luke ensures every student leaves feeling confident and inspired to take action to care for themselves.


Lukes university motivational talk is extremely relatable to the students you have at your university many of whom would have had the same experiences Luke has faced.


In this talk, Luke shares how he found University challenging and overwhelming at first. But most importantly focuses on the steps he took to go from almost failing his first year to graduating with a first-class honours degree.


His powerful stories and messages inspires your audience to make the most of their time at university whilst enjoying having fun and enjoying the process.


"We invited Luke back to our University to share his incredible story as part of University Mental Health Awareness Week. Luke was able to connect with students in a way that can't be described as you could hear a pin drop the room. Both students and staff left the talking feeling inspired to take action to improve their own mental wellbeing."



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