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Life has its ups and downs, and knowing how to adapt to adversity is essential to our health and happiness. Resilience is our ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as we had planned or hoped. Resilient people don’t wallow or dwell on failure; they acknowledge the situation, learn lessons from mistakes and move forward. They are mentally tough, and they thrive in this world.


The good news is that I have identified methods and strategies that enable us to navigate through crisis and over misfortune. During the six session online program you are going to learn the simple tools to help you build your inner strength and weather the tough times with hope and courage. By sharing my insights into how we can all start to develop our resilience today (increase our bounce-back-ability) and start to see significant improvements in our results, personally and professionally.


Resilience is the ability to cope with the challenges, problems and set backs we face in life, and to become stronger because of them. It relies on different skills and draws on various sources of help, including rational thinking skills, physical and emotional health, and an individual’s relationship with those around them. Why is it essential that you take part in the Resilience Online Program?


Well, just imagine if you were better able to:

  • Understand the importance of personal resilience and having a positive focus at in everything you do.

  • Adapt your approach to challenges and become more optimistic.

  • Overcome negative thinking to help ensure personal success.

  • Use tools to effectively build your personal resilience.

  • Improve your overall bounce back ability.


Ultimately, the Resilience Online Program will help you to focus on the positive aspects of your life with optimistic and enthusiastic mindset.



  • All of us have been through tough times in our lives, myself included. I am someone you who is both, relatable and compassionate who uses their experiences and learnings to help you.  

  • Save time and stress by using our ready-made professional online training materials.

  • There is no need to wait for delivery. You’ll receive the full course pack in your inbox instantly.

  • Contents include a wide range of additional resources that include, PDFs, Images and Slides to allow everyone to have the best learning experience.

  • With a mix of practical exercises and trainer material, you will remain engaged throughout, while you take credit for a professional and effective training course.

  • And when budgets are tight but you still need results, the Resilience Online Program is great value for money. Train a whole team or even a whole company for much less than the cost of sending a single participant on a standard training course.


Introduction – A brief video that outlines the purpose of the program and what’s going to be covered. A taster video for the upcoming program and what is going to be completed over the duration of the program.


Session 1 Luke’s Resilience story – My personal story of resilience to understand what resilience is in a real life situation that we all go through. To break the stigma of what people may already think it is compared to what is really is.


Session 2 What resilience means to you – Exploring why resilience is important to us as individuals and the attributes of resilient people. Identifying the participants own resilience levels and how they currently cope with workplace challenges.


Session 3 Everyday Resilience – Begin to realise how we can build resilience in our own lives. From the small little victories, we can get as we navigate life’s personal challenges to the mounts that can either make or break us.


Session 4 Discover your inner strengths – We all have strengths inside of us, we’re not born with them, but they are developed based on our previous experiences and the challenges he have faced in our lives. It’s time we begin to focus on those strengths and use them as our own superpowers in all areas of life. Learning how to use and adapt that super power in many different situations.


Session 5 Resilience toolkit – By realising the power, we all have inside of us to help deal with the challenges and that we face in everyday life. By understanding what a toolbox is and everyone’s is filled with different tools. It’s about finding what tools work for you and discovering when they can be used at the right times.


Session 6 Bounce back  – Brings all of the sessions together to learn how to bounce back from any challenge that you face. Understanding how to control our emotions so we can take action and change our own lives.


Session Videos – Each session video is pre-recorded so you can watch and learn at a time that best suits you best. All videos are stored online so as long as you can an internet connection they can be accessed at anytime or anyplace in the world.


Workbook – This is a place for participants to add their action plans and learning, whilst also containing information about the course content and a place to work on exercises and activities. The workbook comes as an interactive downloadable PDF or a printable version.


Resilience toolkit PDF – The perfect tool that helps you discover what tools you can use in your life to become more resilient. A 50+ page PDF downloadable PDF that breaks down every tool and informs you how you can use it in your life to improve your bounce back ability.


Free downloadable resources – Various types of downloadable content providing something for everyone from resilience reminder quote cards to screensavers and wallpapers from your favourite quotes from the program.


Certification upon completion – Once you have a complete the Resilience Online Program will receive a certificate to certify that you have completed the Resilience Online Program

For more information download the

Resilience Online Program Guide 


“Such a great course to give you the right tools to work on resilience... definitely recommend"

"Excellent! I am going through a period in life where I need help. Resilience is helping me. YOU are helping me! Thank you!"

"I really enjoyed the course - the content's very interesting and useful. Many tips and helpful suggestions. The additional resources are excellent. The delivery was also fantastic. It was not only engaging, but also thought provoking. I especially liked the way the resilience bucket was presented and explained. Thank you!!!"



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