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2018 The Best Is Yet To Come

2018 was great. But it’s time to make 2019 unforgettable.

Reflecting on what has been another amazing year of learning and achievements. My most important lesson that I learned in 2018 was simply the ability of not giving a damn what people say or think.

Most of your potential is trapped behind other peoples opinions. Perhaps you’re too scared to do or try something new because you’re to afraid of other peoples opinion.

There will never be a perfect moment to do something you should of done a lot time ago. So what better way to begin 2019 by limiting yourself less, taking a risk and do something that is right for you.

Growing up as a young person I never had the aspiration of sharing my personal story and failures in life to help and inspire others. Reflecting on the statistics from 2018 overwhelms me with fulfilment to think I have been able to impact and change so many peoples lives.

Once again thank you so much for supporting my work. I’m so excited about all the new content and ideas I’ve been working on for 2019!

Thank you for making my life so meaningful and purposeful. I’d just like to wish you all the joy, fulfillment and happiness for 2019.

However this is just the begin and I’m only now getting started.

So together, lets make this year. Your best year yet.

However this is just the begin and I’m only now getting started.

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