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Lukes 2019 Speaking Challenge

My mission for 2019 is to inspire 100,000 young people to believe in themselves to unlock their potential in a single year.

I know this challenge isn’t going to be easy. But I know it will be worth it. Over the last few years, I have been working with young people all over the UK and I’ve come to realise how tough it is to be a young person in this generation. The demands and challenges young people face in today’s society is like no other before and I’m determined to make a difference.

This challenge isn’t about me. It’s about the young people that limited themselves on a daily basis because they fail to believe in themselves and their ability. I’m so driven and passionate to change this habit many young people have formed and help change the lives of many young people of this generation.

However, I cannot do this challenge alone. If you’re a teacher, assistant, parent or is someone who is passionate about helping young people live their best life then we’re in this together and I need your help. I want to come to your school, college, university, event or community to inspire your young people to believe in themselves. If you would like to make this happen ➡️ Click here

Together lets make this year one to remember and let’s continue changing lives 🙏🏻

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